For tonight i am with you

Hajin Bae

maybe the night isn’t over just yet

we can still disappear behind the shadows
of mystery, at least for tonight

we can still chase each other across
the empty streets of Muñoz city,
at least for tonight.

we can gorge on chocolates, and
gargle wine and Gatorade
in the nearby (and only)
24-hour convenient store,
at least for tonight.

perhaps we can still roam the fields
and lie down some place and
watch as the stars of the night sky
turn away from us and into
the other side of the earth

and then we can watch as the sun
slowly reappears over the horizon,
all the while laughing and giggling
on random stuff we hope we knew about,
at least for tonight

—but the night is abruptly coming to an end,
and soon, our intertwined hands will have
to learn how to untangle themselves
whent the moment of farewell comes.


—a shooting star flies out of nowhere;
and i wished for the universe to conspire
and maybe just for once, i could hatch
on to this magical moment and stop it
from slipping from my grasp

but the universe isn’t listening; he
remains asleep as the last minutes of
darkness continue to roam the streets
of the deserted Muñoz city.

—and so the time will come when we finally
have to bid the night and each other goodbyes,
but hopefully with smiles painted on both our faces,

for I know one thing: some other time
we will meet again,
our lives once again intersect—

but where? who knows?
maybe in another party like tonight,
in another city
in another country
in another universe
—in another life…

but i am happy, at least for tonight,
for tonight
i am with you.

Art by Hajin Bae
Words by Spencer Martin Keats

2 thoughts on “For tonight i am with you

  1. zeebam January 2, 2018 / 4:28 am

    Hi there!
    Thanks for the follow. I added you back here and on Instagram. ^_^ Love the creativity, and I hope to see you around!

    Liked by 1 person

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